How to Find “IT”

She worked feverishly. She had to get it right. If she could attain just this ONE thing…she could have what she’s been searching for.

It didn’t work. She reached it, but it didn’t work. Why wasn’t it working? THIS was supposed to be the thing that would finally make her happy, to leave her full. But instead she was alone and struggling with emptiness.

Mind racing, her thoughts moved quick to the next, and soon she had devised yet another plan to finally grasp this illusive thing called “happiness” that everyone seemed to have, but no one seemed to know how to have.

Plan in place, she began to pursue again. The chase was on. Surely, THIS would finally be the thing to fill her. She worked hard and was able to take pride in her work. This brought her a little solace, but the goal had not been reached and she had to keep pushing and keep working.

Finally! She achieved her goal. Now she waited…and waited…and waited. “Why is this not working?” she wondered. Frustrated, tired, and feeling all the more empty, she resolved to believe she would never attain it; it would never be hers. “I guess I’m not meant to be happy”, she thought. No, she believed it. The lie dug deep its claws and claimed another.

My heart broke to watch this process. Over and over my friend sought “it”. I wondered, how would she know she had finally found it if she’s never experienced it?

Does this process sound familiar?

Part of the human experience is seeking and living in hopes of the finding. What if we are all on this expedition of seeking, but the masses are moving in the wrong direction?

What if the finding is as simple as opening a book? What if God, in all of His goodness, chose not to hide this thing from us we all seek? What if it’s right at our fingertips?

You open Your hand
And You satisfy the desire
Of every living thing.
– Psalm 145:16 (HCSB)

Oh surely it can’t be that simple. It is. And it’s not.

The simplest thing we can do is turn, palms open and empty, cry out to God and offer our lives. Yet, the hardest thing we can do is turn, palms open and empty, cry out to God and offer our lives.


Why is this simple solution so difficult? Why do we feel the need to flex our control muscle and once again evade the life-giving peace that God offers when we offer our lives?

When did we start believing the lie that to have the best life we have to make it ourselves? When did we start believing the lie that there is ONE thing out there that will eventually deeply satisfy us, but only if we can find it and then seize it?

My heart aches and my stomach turns remembering all the times I’ve done this myself. Arms flailing blindly, trying to grasp something, anything, that would make me happy.

And all that time Christ was standing, arms outstretched, awaiting the return of His child.

“So he got up and went to his father. But while the son was still a long way off, his father saw him and was filled with compassion. He ran, threw his arms around his
neck, and kissed him
.” – Luke 15:20 (HCSB emphasis added)

My beloved friend, you can pursue the perfect job, the perfect home, the perfect body, the perfect spouse – and those things may appease you for a time, but we must open our eyes to the reality that those things were not created to satisfy us. We can work to have the spotless home, the flawlessly behaved child, the job that everyone envies, we can posterize our lives as much as want – but we all walk away empty because it’s not our true reality and we leave others empty as they chase what they believe we have.

We must remove the masks. Take them off. You know the true condition of your heart. You know if you’re aching for more or if you’re feeling empty, disappointed with how life has abandoned the cause for your contentment.

Stop running.

Just stop.

And rest.


Turn and seek the One who gives the fullness of life.

What are you pursuing today other than Christ? What do you believe in to find ultimate satisfaction? How are you making efforts to create the best life for yourself according to all the ways our culture teaches? Do you present your life as a “postcard” for others?

My prayer for you today is God would reveal the parts of your heart that long for things outside of Him. I pray you would have the courage to ask Christ to increase your desires for Him and decrease your desires for “things” (relationships, jobs, living situations, etc.). I pray you can see your Father, arms outstretched, awaiting your return to Him. I pray you will drink the Water.

I am grateful for you and I am honored to pray for you as you read these words. Thank you for choosing to run the race and I pray you determine to run the race well!

But whoever drinks from the water that I give him
Will never get thirsty again – ever!
In fact, the water I will give him will become a well of water
Springing up within him for eternal life.
– John 4:14 (HCSB)




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